Our Mission & Vision

The overall purpose of the Paraclete program is to build caring and nurturing youth who see a greater purpose in their lives and are living examples of the mission of Paraclete. This dedication to community is unique to Paraclete in that each participant sees a greater purpose to the academic and social activities of the program.

This year, our 7th and 8th graders will be provided with opportunities to give back to their community with the supervision of a Paraclete teacher. They will have the option of visiting food pantries, daycare centers, homes for the elderly, and other sites that may meaningfully engage our students and encourage a life-long dedication to giving back. 

  • Dedicate a minimum of 8 hours per month to volunteering at a local service site

  • Have a parent or caregiver dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per month to a community based project either with their student or separately.

To advocate service to others, we are implementing a new objective for our students. We encourage each student parent to do the following going forward with a parent:

As an after school program, our objective is to foster the intellectual, moral, social and creative growth of its students. It is a diverse and accepting enrichment program for 4th through 8th grade students in South Boston. We strive to develop our future generation into skillful writers, strong readers, and critical thinkers. In addition, our students will be academically prepared for further education, develop a strong sense of self-worth, and learn to help serve others.