Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. They can be classified into two main categories: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Watch this fun video to find out what each of those are.


If you want to learn more about how DNA works, check out this video. For more topics to research on your own, try googling about DNA replication and RNA!


The human body is extremely complex, and has 11 main systems. Watch this video to learn a little bit about each of them, from the nervous system to the digestive system.


Have you ever heard of evolution? What about natural selection? To find out how species have adapted to their changing environments over the millennia, read this short article.

Legends of Learning (Photosynthesis): Play this game to find out more about photosynthesis, a process that most autotrophs (like plants) use to generate food. Make sure you pay attention to the facts they throw at you, there are mini concept checks at the end of each round


PhET Simulation (Natural Selection): Now that you know how random mutations can introduce a better trait to a species, try testing this theory out on your own with this simulation. For the best results, set the Selection Factor to Wolves, then choose a mutation to add. Which traits are better at the equator? Which are better in the arctic?


Think Science (Coloring Book: Organelles): Just like humans, cells have their own mini organs (called organelles) with specific functions. To learn more about each organelle, either print out this short Cell Book, or just follow along online. Pay attention to the differences between plant and animal cells!

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