Fun brain (Free Online Books)

Funbrain is a an online educational resource for K-8 students. It has a small selection of popular children's books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Timmy Failure. Additionally, you may browse through educational games and animated videos. 

Storyweaver (Database of Short Stories)

Pratham Books designed this resource to provide children with richly illustrated and diverse short stories. There are thousands of multilingual stories with a range of reading levels for you to utilize. Select a language, reading level, and category to start reading now!

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Reading Comprehension Connection (Short Reading Lessons)

This site provides you with interactive online lessons to build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Try out some of their free mini lessons. 

GreatSchools Staff (Recommended Books List)

Having trouble what to read next? Here's a long compiled list created by children's book experts that are recommended for any fourth grader.

Free Kids Books (Free Online Books)

An online library of children's books, textbooks, and other literary resources, Free Kids Books lets users to read online or download books in pdf form. Their mission is to give users free access to books and resources for the enjoyment of reading and writing.

Check out this list of 12 books that are recommended by students themselves on Read Brightly. These fictional stories are engaging, popular, and thought-provoking for young readers that want to experience a mystery, adventure, or historical era.