Statistics & Probability

Khan Academy teaches how to create a scatter plot for bivariate (two-variable) measurement data.


Khan Academy shows an example of common patterns in scatter plots, such as positive/negative relationships, or linear/nonlinear trends.

Line of Best Fit

Khan Academy demonstrates how to find a line of best fit of a scatter plot.


Khan Academy explains what a histogram is.

Frequency Tables

Khan Academy explains what frequency tables and dot plots are.

Stem and Leaf Plots

Khan Academy explains what a stem-and-leaf plot is.

Create Scatter Plots: Want to make your own scatter plots? Check out this game to improve  your skills!

Correlations: Can you identify if there is a positive trend, a negative trend, or no trend? 

Scatter Plot Quiz:

Use this quiz to practice interpreting scatter plots.

Frequency Charts:

Play this game to practice interpreting frequency charts.