McGraw Hill PreK-12 (Video: How to find the main idea and supporting details)

Not sure what the main idea of a text is? Watch this detective-themed video to solve that mystery!

IXL (Practice: Main Idea)

If you’re looking to practice your main idea skills, see how many questions you can answer correctly on this quiz.

Emily Kissner (Slideshow: Theme)

Go over this slideshow to find out what theme is and how to determine it in a literary piece.

IXL (Practice: Theme)

Practice determining the themes of some short stories.

Gracie0412 (Slideshow: Author's Purpose)

Go over this slideshow to find out how to determine the author’s reason for writing a certain piece. Try to figure out the purpose of the last 3 slides yourself.

IXL (Practice: Author's Purpose)

Practice determining the author’s purpose of some short stories.

Mr. Stallings (Webpage: Literary Terms)

Do you know what alliteration, personification, and foreshadowing are? If you don’t, check out this website for a list of important literary terms for eighth graders.

JeopardyLabs (Game: Literary Terms)

Test out your knowledge of literary terms with jeopardy! There might be a couple of new ones, but see how many you can get right!

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