Khan Academy teaches you how to use negative exponents.

Properties of Exponents

Khan Academy explains important multiplying and dividing properties of exponents: aⁿ⋅aᵐ=aⁿ⁺ᵐ and aⁿ/aᵐ=aⁿ⁻ᵐ.

Khan Academy explains important product and quotient properties of exponents: (a⋅b)ⁿ=aⁿ⋅bⁿ and (a/b)ⁿ=aⁿ/bⁿ.


See how many points you can collect in exponent jeopardy!

Otter Rush Exponents:

Answer exponent questions quickly to stay in the race and power your otter!

Khan Academy shows us how to use scientific notation, which is a different way of writing numbers.