Mark Drollinger (Video Lesson: Asexual Reproduction)

What kinds of organisms reproduce asexually? In this 2-minute video, you'll learn about the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction and the types of organisms that participate in this. 

Legends of Learning (Video Lesson: Mrs. Daisy's Lesson)

Why do most animals reproduce sexually and how does fertilization lead to offspring development?In this short video, you'll learn how sexual reproduction works between a sperm and egg the female and male organism. 

Legends of Learning (Game: Skunk Dunk - Gene Transfer and Reproduction)

Dunk the skunk! In this game, you'll learn about sexual and asexual reproduction through a variety of multiple-choice questions. To answer a multiple-choice question, aim a ball at the correct answer and throw it with the correct strength to dunk the skunk. Pay close attention to the questions so you can ace the quiz at the end.

Legends of Learning (Game: Cells and Genes and Reproduction)

Learn about the process of gene transfer and reproduction from start to finish in this fun game. You'll have the creative liberty to create your own offspring by selecting character traits. You'll also learn why offspring are different and the differences between asexual and sexual reproduction. Take the quiz at the end to test your understanding of these concepts.