Geometry & Measurement

Video Lesson: Complementary Angels and Supplementary Angles

In this lesson, Mr. J uses four examples to help you learn how to find the missing angle. 

Video Lesson: Geometry - Introduction to Circles

Socratica gives you a brief introduction to circles, terms, and states the formulas for area and circumference.

Video Lesson: Finding the Circumference and Area of a Circle

In this easy-to-understand instructional video on a whiteboard, Brian McLogan uses one example to identify all the necessary steps in both formulas.


Video Lesson: Volume and Surface Area of Pyramids

Jessica Mulder teaches you the two necessary forumlas and how to apply them.


Answer questions about supplementary, complimentary, vertical, and adjacent angles.


Find the area, radius, and circumference of circles in this game.

Video Lesson: How to Find Surface Area and Volume of a Cylinder!

MashUp Math explains key concepts about the cylinder and how to apply its formulas to find surface area and volume.