Statistics & Probability

Video Lesson: Methods of Collecting Data and Inferring Sample Data

This lesson by TenMarks Amazon looks at different types of samples (representative, biased, random) and how to interpret the data collected.

Video Lesson: Lesson 11.2 Making Inferences from a Random Sample

Talking Hands Math shows you how to make observations and conclusions from population samples.

Video Lesson: Probability - Determining Chance

TheESOLodyssey explains when you use probability, how to write probabilities, and what questions to ask yourself when solving a problem.

Video Lesson: Understanding Probability

In this extensive lesson by Robert Wirtz, you'll review terms and work on practice problems until you feel confident about your probability skills. 

Video Lesson: Understanding Compound Events

Learn to use tree diagrams and tables to identify outcomes of compound events with TenMarks Amazon.

Probability of Simple Events:

Practice simple probability questions.

Experimental Probability:

Using the given facts, decide on the probability of an outcome.

Compound Events:

Find the number of outcomes

Compound Events:

Find the number of sums.