Ancient Greece

Clarendon Learning (Video: Ancient Greek for Kids)

In this video, you will learn all about Ancient Greece including the major periods (Archaic Period, Classical Period, and Hellenistic Period) and important themes like government, philosophy, architecture, science, homes, clothing, and more. 

BBC Bitesize (Readings, Videos, Activities: Ancient Greece)

Who were the ancient Greeks?  How did the Olympic Games begin? These are just a few of the learner guides that have been created by BBC for educating students. In addition to a reading, they have photos and plenty of interactive diagrams for you to explore. 

The British Museum (Website: Ancient Greece)

The British Museum has a set of 10 topics that range from the acropolis to gods and goddesses. Each topic includes a short summary, an illustrated story, an exploration tab, and a challenge game (flash player required). This is a great set of resources for any student who enjoys interactive learning over textbook reading.  

6th Grade Social Studies (Web page: The Geography of Greece)

This online reading is dedicated to a 6th-grade social studies class. The author includes essential questions and includes maps and diagrams to go along with the text.