Parts of a Plant Cell

Paraclete (Video Lesson: Parts of an Plant Cell)

In this video lesson, a Paraclete intern teaches you all about the functions of the different organelles in a plant cell. Additionally, she refers to detailed diagrams of each organelle so you fully understand the information and how they complete their tasks. 

Quizlet (Practice Flashcards: Parts of a Plant Cell)

Having trouble remembering the jobs of each organelle? With this Quizlet flashcard set, you'll be able to test yourself and memorize them faster. Each flashcard includes a short description of the organelle, its function, and a diagram. 

Shepard Software (Game: Label the Organelles)

This is a great game if you're having trouble recognizing the organelles from one another and to familiarize yourself with the terminology. Label each organelle correctly to unlock the magical cellular spectacular.