Parts of an Animal Cell

Paraclete (Video Lesson: Parts of an Animal Cell)

In this video lesson, a Paraclete intern teaches you all about the functions of the different organelles in the animal cell. Additionally, she refers to detailed diagrams of each organelle so you fully understand the information and how they complete tasks. 

Quizlet (Practice Flashcards: Parts of an Animal Cell)

Having trouble remembering the jobs of each organelle? With this Quizlet flashcard set, you'll be able to test yourself and memorize them faster. Each flashcard includes a short description of the organelle, its function, and a diagram. 

Shepard Software (Game: Label the Organelles)

This is a great game if you're having trouble recognizing the organelles from one another and to familiarize yourself with the terminology. Label each organelle correctly to unlock the magical cellular spectacular.