Let's Do Math shows you a short animation to help you understand how to find the area of a rectangle as well as a parallelogram.

Finding the Area of a Triangle

Mr. J teaches you how to calculate the area of various types of triangles with four examples in a matter of minutes.

Khan Academy helps you count the faces and edges of two different shapes and makes it easy by using visuals and colors to label the different parts.

Mr. Maisonet teaches you how to find the volume of a rectangular prism when it has a fraction for the width, length or height.

Mr. J goes through two examples to show you how to find the volume of an irregular rectangular prism by creating separate shapes. 

Anywhere Math teaches you to calculate surface area for prisms and pyramids by using nets.

Area of a Parallelogram:

Answer 10 questions com complete this game.

Area of a Triangle:

Practice finding area of a triangle using its side lengths and height.

Counting Faces, Edges & Vertices: Practice counting the faces, vertices and edges in different 3-dimensional shapes

Volume of Cube and Rectangular Prisms: Find the correct volume.

Area of Complex Figures: Calculate the area.

Nets of 3D Shapes: Can you match the shape to its corresponding net?