U.S. Political System and Branches of Government

Paraclete (Lesson: The Three Branches of Government)

This first video teaches you all about the executive branch and the role of the President.


This second video teaches you all about the judicial branch and the role of the supreme court.

This third video teaches you about the House of Representatives and Senate that make up the legislative branch. 

Ted-Ed (Video Lesson: How Power is Divided in the U.S. Government)

"Tour the States" is a brilliantly edited music video that helps you memorize the capitals of the states and learn the geography of the United States. 

Illustrate to Educate (Video Lesson: What is the difference between Democrats & Republicans?)

This illustrated video lesson explains the major political differences between the Democratic and Republican party. They are compared by their representative logos, goals, economy, healthcare, military, gun control, abortion, marriage and immigration.