Civil Rights Era

CrashCourse (Video Lesson: Civil Rights and the 1950s)

In this video, John Green discusses life in the 1950s, segregation, Martin Luther King, Brown vs Board of Education, and more topics. He covers a list of key facts in just under 12 minutes.

Paraclete (Video Lesson: Rosa Parks)

Paraclete intern, Emma, discusses the legacy of Rosa Parks and her contributions to the civil rights movement. 

88 Brains (Video Lesson: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King)

This educational video on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King uses animation, music, and narration to teach you about King's vision for the world and his legacy of using non-violence protests to fight for equality. 

Paraclete (Game: Time Zone X - Civil Rights)

In this game, your goal is to use context clues and your prior knowledge to order different events in the proper sequence and win artifacts and points.