Making Inferences

Mr. Sato (Video Lesson: Making Inferences)

Mr. Sato is a public school teacher with over two decades of teaching experience and a youtube channel dedicated to teaching students English. He has thousands of subscribers and creates unique lessons videos with his own illustrations. In this video, you will learn to make inferences in literature, non-fiction and real life, and to support those inferences with evidence.

QUIA (Game: Inferences and Drawing Conclusion)

Who wants to become a millionaire? In this virtual game, you will need to read the information given to you and draw inferences about the passage.

K12Reader (Practice Worksheets: Making Inferences

Need some extra practice? K12Reader has multiple worksheets to help you improve skills and a variety of assignments for different grade levels. Scroll down to the practice worksheets made for 6th-8th grade to start practicing now!