Paraclete (Lesson: Food Chains)

In this video lesson, Carly will walk you through the basics of food chains. You will learn new vocabulary, the trophic levels, and learn to identify animals as being different parts of the food chain!

Paraclete (Lesson: Life Cycle of a Plant)

In this video lesson, complete with cool facts and funny examples, students will learn about the four stages of the plant cycle of a plant. They will also learn to apply their knowledge of the life cycle to a bean plant. 

Paraclete (Lesson: Life Cycle of an Animal)

In this short video, you will learn about the four stages of an animal's life cycle from birth to death. Hear some cool and funny examples along the way!

Bill Nye the Science Guy (Collection of Educational Videos)

On this channel, explore through 48 full episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy! Each video is a little more than 20 minutes and extremely funny, engaging and educational.

Crash Course Kids (Collection of Educational Videos)

This popular youtube channel goes into depth on several different science topics, strewn with many interesting facts and examples.