Decimal Place Value

Video Lesson: Decimal Place Value

Khan Academy discusses the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place values in a decimal.

Video Lesson: Add Decimals

Khan Academy shows how decimals are added with computation and visuals. 

Video Lesson: Subtract Decimals

Khan Academy explains the steps of subtraction for basic and more complex decimals.

Super Shuriken:

Help your ninja get rid of targets with a shuriken by getting correct answers.

Various Games:

Splash Games has several games related to decimals!

Video Lesson: Multiply Decimals

Khan Academy has no video lessons for this topic, but he gives you a series of practice quizzes to practice your estimation and basic multiplication skills. 

Video Lesson: Divide Decimals

Khan Academy uses examples to show how division works with decimals in a series of videos. 

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