Paraclete (Lesson: Components of a Short Story)

In this video lesson, you will get a through explanation of character, setting, conflict, parts of the plot, and theme. Learn to identify these terms within a common story and recognize these term in the stories they tell every day!

Paraclete (Lesson: How to Write a Short Story)

In this video lesson, viewers will review the components of a short story and begin to learn the various ways of planning a story, such as story mapping. You'll also get to hear a short story called "The Broken Lamp," written by Andrew Finkle. 

RedKid (MadLibs Activities)

Having trouble what to read next? Here's a long compiled list created by children's book experts that are recommended for any fourth grader.

Fun English Games (Story Writing Game)

This website has many resources from activities to games to worksheets. To teach children how to create the right atmosphere for creative writing, here is an interactive game to create your own story. Get tips to write your own sentences!