“Before I came to the Paraclete my homework was always wrong.  My grades were going down.  When I started coming to the Paraclete, my grades went up. I came here to get my grades up in Math and English and it worked!”

Current Paraclete Student

“At the Paraclete I learn more math and I learn to be a better reader.  I got my first straight As this year!”

Current Paraclete Student

“My oldest daughter, Colleen, attended the first class at the Paraclete Center.  It was new to all of us at the time and the Paraclete became a second home for her.  She and many of the friends she made at the Paraclete are now College graduates.

My son Sean also attended the Paraclete for three years.  Without it, I’m not sure he would have made it through middle school.  He went there two to four nights a week (willingly I might add) to work on his homework and to get extra help.  Before he started attending the Paraclete Center, homework and school were a constant struggle.  He became more organized and confident in his studies while attending the Paraclete Center.  He was accepted by Trinity Catholic High School and I feel he was more prepared for this endeavor because of the time he spent at the Paraclete Center.

I don’t know what our community would do without this great resource!”

Sharon, Mother of Colleen and Sean, Paraclete Academy Alumni

“Dear Sister Ann,
I would like to thank you for everything you have done for my son.  You have taken a boy who would leave the house only to go to school and have given him a life!  He enjoys all of the activities available at the Paraclete, most of which we would not be able to afford to give him on our own.  He has learned so much and is improving in school. Thank you for everything!”

Jayne Talbot, Mother of Colin, Paraclete Academy Student

“The Paraclete Academy was always a place where I could explore what I was truly interested in.  I was able to see how the things I was learning in school connected to the real world.  Paraclete helped me to understand the opportunities that awaited me and then helped me prepare to make the most of them.  My time at Paraclete paved the way for my academic and professional success”

Cale Putnam, Paraclete Academy Alumnus
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Graduate of Engineering
Current Coach for the Paraclete Robotic Engineering Club

“The Paraclete was so much a part of my life growing up—I can’t imagine what I would have done without it.  It got me into a great high school, Boston Latin, and kept me involved in positive community and extracurricular activities.  I don’t understand why every neighborhood doesn’t have a Paraclete!”

James, Paraclete Academy Alumnus
Current Nuclear Engineer with the U.S. Navy

“The thing that I have gained the most from the Paraclete is an understanding that I can be a resource—hopefully a pretty good resource—for these kids. There are a lot of really talented, curious, intelligent young people going to urban schools who really, really want adults to come and be positive forces in their lives. It’s been pretty humbling and pretty powerful to spend the last year of my life doing that.”

Thomas Bateman
Current Paraclete Teacher

“I will be attending Northeastern Law School next year.  My time as a teacher at the Paraclete was critical to this decision.  With my students, I learned that I can make a very important impact in the world.  I am ready now to pursue additional education and make an even bigger impact.”

Nate Gates
Current Paraclete Teacher