Teaching Faculty

Allison Maladore, M.S. | Program Director & Principal

thumb_img_3067_1024Allison was born and raised in Connecticut and has attended the University of Connecticut with a background in Pathobiology and Molecular and Cell Biology. She graduated as an Honors Scholar and soon after received a Master’s of Biomedical Sciences from Midwestern University in Chicago, IL. While attending medical school at Midwestern University, Allison decided to pursue an opportunity where she can use her science background to enrich the lives of others through education. During her first year experience as an Americorps Teacher, she realized her passions was creating passions of students to pursue futures in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. She is incredibly excited and fortunate to have recently been named Paraclete’s Principal and Program Director and hopes to bring out the best of every single student at Paraclete as the world needs them and their future talents!

Hasan Zaidi | Full-time teacher

Hasan Zaidi was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada in 1992. After moving to numerous states around US, the majority of his growth took place in central Connecticut. He is a recent graduate from University of Connecticut’s fine arts program concentrating in sculpture. His thesis incorporated digitally designing and fabricating a handful of chairs that are comfortable and aesthetically diverse. While attending Uconn, he made close relationships with all of his professors and seeing The Paraclete, he decided he wanted to help the center with the program and bring the same relationship he has with his professors to his students. Hasan’s duty towards the center is to bring another language to his students; he wants them to use visual arts to express themselves. Visual arts, he feels is key to adolescences’ development because it allows them to express mentality and he feels there no wrong answer only better ways to help them
express their feelings and surroundings. Aside from his art and design background, one of his hobbies that I hope to bring to The Paraclete Center is ballroom dancing. Hasan has been dancing for 12 years and teaching for 3 years. Hasan feels professional dance is not popular these days, its not only a way of letting out energy but the philosophy behind partner dancing; the physical awareness around you when you are out on the dance floor, respect for your peers and your partner, more importantly the self respect: standing with presents while performing an art. He hopes to bring the visual and movement arts to The Paraclete Center, while connecting to each student create a cycle of closeness, trust, and respect for each other and education.

Ausubel Pichardo | Full-time teacher

Ausubel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He earned his bachelors in Anthropology and philosophy from UMass Dartmouth. He is also a trained EMT from the University of Vermont. While growing up in his native Dominican Republic and as a student at UMass Dartmouth, Ausubel became aware of the educational inequalities many children have to go through. This motivated him to create opportunities where students living in vulnerable communities around the world can have access to quality education. He is a firm believer that education should not longer be treated as a privilege, but for what it is, a human right.


Kue Xiong | Full-time teacher

Kue moved from her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut to study Japanese language and culture.  She has been living in New England ever since and enjoys the fresh seafood and beaches there.  She began a career in event planning after finishing school.  But, after much contemplation, Kue decided to take her career in a new direction in hopes of giving back to her community.  She is looking forward to becoming a positive role model and mentor to the students at the Paraclete this year.  Kue plans on continuing her service abroad with the Peace Corps after her AmeriCorps journey comes to a close at the Paraclete.

Kylie O’Neill | Lesley University Expressive Arts Graduate Intern
Kelsey Sawyer | Lesley University Expressive Arts Graduate Intern-Dance Therapy


 Patrick Bradley | Boxercise & Gardening Club
2 Lesley University Expressive Arts Graduate Interns
Antioch College Cooperative Education Undergraduate Intern





Dan O’Brien

DanDan is a digital communications volunteer for Paraclete, leaning on his experience in strategic communications and journalism to share how Paraclete has positively impacted the youth of Boston. Dan currently works as Press Secretary for Boston Public Schools, and was previously an assistant director for Emerson College’s communications and marketing office. Before that, he was a staff reporter and correspondent for several newspapers, including the Boston Herald and Boston Globe.

Julia DeGemmis

Julia joined the Paraclete community in 2014, when she lived at Paraclete with teaching faculty and focused on enhancing the program’s marketing efforts. As a graphic designer by trade, she redesigned the website, created marketing material, created all collateral for fundraisers, and acted as the in-house photographer. Today she works as a User Experience Designer in Kendal Square but continues to help Paraclete with digital marketing efforts.