Our Report – June, 2016:  The PiBrary Collaborative

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

The Pi-Brary Collaborative was created in 2013 to bring relevant, accessible, and affordable educational material to the schools and health clinics of Rwanda.   It had a two prong approach: creating small booklets called Oksbo using the ancient art of origami, and creating an off-line digital library using the new technology of a small computer called Raspbery Pi with low cost tablets.  READ MORE >


Our History with Rwanda

The Paraclete’s  connection with Rwanda began in 2000 when one of its leading women leaders , Aloisea Inyumba, visited us as part of a group attending Harvard University’s Women Waging Peace Colloquium.   She wondered if we could help her start a leadership school for girls in Rwanda. Aloisea saw how we provided educational opportunities and she knew their importance  – she had been educated in a school started by Irish missionaries while growing up as a refugee.   To her, South Boston seemed Irish enough to be responsive to her request.

The Paraclete was able to attract a wide circle of people interested in helping with the school project . Our teenagers had fundraising events and many of our Board members visited Rwanda.   With everything in place for a final major fundraising push,   a group of Boston women, now known as the Maranyundo Initiative, stepped up to the plate to assume complete responsibility for the school and have continued to support it operations.   The Maranyundo Girls School opened in 2008 and in 2010 it was gifted to the Benebikira Sisters, a native order of Catholic Sisters.

In 2002 we opened our doors to welcome member s of the Benebikira Congregation who came to Boston for studies . The Sisters presence in the Paraclete opened up a unique learning experience for our students and has prompted over 45 Paraclete friends to accept their invitation to visit Rwanda.

The Rwanda Circles

Our ever expanding Rwandan circle has resulted in people taking on the funding of various projects. that have especially interested them. For instance, a group supports the Byimana School run by the Marist Brothers, and a family has built a school library for the Benebikira Schools. The Paraclete provides the administrative support to process these donation.