In the last ten years, a large number of American and Rwandan people have been brought together under the Paraclete network and many educational initiatives have resulted. They are run by their own volunteer committees under the Paraclete umbrella. When all of the individual projects are viewed as a whole, it is quite an impressive work.

Benebikira Sisters of Rwanda
The Paraclete has developed a strong collaboration with this native order of Catholic sister. We facilitate the donation of funds for their projects from US donors. We have also had the pleasure of  hosting  them in our building, a former convent, when they have come to study or visit. Learn more about the Sisters


Work Retreats
The Paraclete has arranged for individuals to spend four to six weeks at mutually agreed upon sites in collaboration with the Benebikira Sisters to provide a needed service (the work part) and to be inspired ( the retreat part). Nurses, educators, engineers, and chefs are some of the people who have gone. Chair: Ellen Contreras

Washington, DC
A group from the DC area provides website and other media consultation for the Congregation. Chair: Mellissa Peery

Byiamana Village
This started as a scholarship program for students at the Byiamana School of Science but has expanded to include the primary school . Chair: Penny Herlihy

Yellow Springs, Ohio
This started with Al Schulter, a retired chemistry teacher, visiting with some Paraclete colleagues to do some teacher training at Byiamana School of Science. It expanded to include his home town, Yellow Springs, and a teacher/student exchange. They are also responsible for  the construction of a media and library center fro the village. Chair: Al Schulter


MIT D-Lab Team
MIT sends out small groups of students each January for four to six weeks to learn on the ground about developing countries. Last year Rwanda was added to their list of countries and we have been happy to facilitate their experience in collaboration with the Benebikira Congregation. Chair: Sr. Ann

Lap Tops from NYC
For a country focusing on technology, what better project than sending quality lap tops donated by people upgrading to super quality laptops. Dr. Johanna Dailey and Dan Fusco making sure as our members travel to Rwanda they go with a lap top.

The Paraclete was the incubator for the building of the Maranyundo School for Girls in Nymata, Rwanda.  The school was given to the Benebikira Congregation in November 2010 and operating funds continue to be provided by the Boston based Marayundo Initiative.