Summer Program Applications Now Available!

Paraclete’s Summer Program Application for Summer 2019 is now available! If you are interested in having your student enroll in our summer program, please download the latest application below.

Please scan and email applications to

OR send to:


207 E St

Boston, MA 02127

Attn: Summer Program

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2019 Paraclete Reception Announcement

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

6 PM to 8 PM

To purchase tickets, please click here:

Please join Congressman Stephen Lynch & Mrs. Margaret Lynch, State Auditor Suzanne Bump, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Suffolk County Superior Court Clerk Michael J. Donovan, and City Councilor Ed Flynn, as Paraclete honors the Ambassador Raymond Flynn, Mrs. Flynn & Family  for their dedication to our community on Thursday, February 28th, 2019. It will be held at the Boston College High School rotunda from 6 PM to 8 PM.

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McDevitt Hall Home to Paraclete Center Encourages Excellence Through Education

Paraclete After-School is NOW ENROLLING for Academic Year 2018-2019!

Selection Criteria:

  • Preference will be given to students who live in South Boston or attends school in South Boston
  • Class space is for 4th, 5th, 6th grade students
  • ISEE course will be offered in Fall 2018 for 6th grade students
  • Students 7th grade & up interested in joining must interview with Program Director and demonstrate leadership and mentoring skills for younger students


Application: 2018-2019 Academic Year Enrollment Form


Why Paraclete? Read about our testimonials here

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Paul McDevitt Bio

Paul McDevitt believes that, since we go through life only once, we should do all we can to follow the advice of Jesus to love ourselves and others and our Creator. To advance this philosophy, he steps beyond the services offered by Modern Assistance Programs, Inc. to deeply engage with a troubled world.

For more than four decades, he has worked in soup kitchens, visited the imprisoned, worked for criminal justice reform, and supported immigration projects. He has helped guide and sustain food banks, substance abuse recovery homes, inner city youth projects, education enrichment programs and homeless shelters. He has been a valued voice of wisdom for many Boston-area nonprofit organizations.

Still, despite his many leadership responsibilities, Paul has never declined to assist the many individuals who seek his guidance.

Paul is a graduate of Boston College High School and Boston College. He holds a master’s degree in education from University of Massachusetts Boston.

A Dorchester native, Paul and his wife Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump live in South Boston and the Western Massachusetts town of Housatonic.

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Hunger Games Movie Review

By Stanley Aneke

Last Friday, students from the Paraclete went to go see the movie The Hunger Games. You had to have good behavior and you had to read the book, and you had to attend the Paraclete regularly. The movie was well organized and baffled my mind.

The Hunger Games was really sad, it almost made Ms. Lucero cry. The actors and the actresses acted the movie out really well. Did you think the book was better than the movie? Think about that question. Ask Stanley, Ms. Lucero, Ms. K what you think.

My favorite character were Rue, Katniss and Peeta.  The best part was when Katniss and Peeta won The Hunger Games. I was so happy and amazed about what happened. The part that I disliked was when Katniss just forgot about Gale. I personally thought Gale won Katniss’s Heart.

Marian and Crystal liked the movie. Did you? The movie had a lot of feeling and action in it. What would you grade the movies overall percentage? For me it was a 95%. What about you?

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Paraclete Gossip Column

Paraclete student Crystal Aneke has started a gossip column for the Paraclete Chronicle called “Gossip Girl.” Her first column revolves around the budding romance between two of the dogs at the Paraclete: Scout (a young English Pointer) and Boo (a black Labrador Retriever many years his senior). Check out the details below.

Boo and Scout in love? Find out now on the latest addition to part one of Gossip Girl featuring your host, Crystal Aneke.

So today I saw the cutest thing ever! Guess what? So are you ready? OK, so I saw Boo and Scout sharing a bone, then later that day I also noticed Boo and Scout awfully close. The craziest thing of all, Boo denied Ms. Lucero giving her food! Can you believe that? Boo never denies food from Ms. Lucero. NEVER!

So I saw Boo and Scout sharing a bone today on the stairs! That’s how I knew it was a official. Scout stared at Boo’s brown eyes. Boo then gracefully slept on Scout’s arm. “Awwwwwww,” I screamed. “Drama bomb!” So you didn’t hear it from me! Boo and Scout are so getting married. Just look at them.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Gossip Girl!

P.S. Casey is asking people who they think is the best looking celebrity.

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Hunger Games Movie Review #2

By Marian Cruz

Last Friday, the Paraclete went to go see The Hunger Games with the 16 students that were chosen to go. Watching was incredibly exciting and everybody’s anticipation was growing. In my opinion, I believe the movie was great and showed a lot of feelings that I myself would feel if I had to fight to the death with only one person surviving. One thing that I would do to make it better is to add more mystery between the characters and more foreshadowing.

Marian asked some Paraclete students who also went to the film for their opinions:

Stanley Aneke: The Hunger Games had a lot of action and it was really sad but very entertaining.

Casey Mulligan: It was awesome. I think the book was better though.

Crystal Aneke: It was sad and made me cry. It showed a lot of emotion and I just felt as if I was in the movie. It was great.

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Marian and Lybia

One of our stellar 5th graders chose to challenge herself by reporting on the situation in Libya! Her effort and research is clearly evident in this article, which succinctly describes the early situation.

The Battle for Libya

A few weeks ago the U.S and other countries including France and the United Kingdom, began military attacks against the government of Libya. They are trying to stop the Libyan Leader, Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi, from attacking his own people. Thousands of protesters took the streets of Libya in protests similar to those in Egypt, more than a month ago. The protesters demanded that Qaddafi step down.

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Article by Selena

Our fifth and sixth grade English classes have been working on newspaper articles, and this was written by Perkins 5th grader Selena Figueroa. She is now an expert on Selena Perez. Enjoy!

Selena Quintanilla Perez

Selena was born April 13, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. Selena was an amazing dancer and singer; she had a lot of talent. Selena was a Mexican Latin-American singer and she was really famous.

Selena started singing when she was six. When she was nine she was in a family band called “los Dinos”, that means “the dinosaurs”. In the was her father , Abraham Quintanilla, her mother, Marcela Quintanilla, her sister, Suzzette Quintanilla, and her brother Abraham Quintanilla junior the third. Selena attended O.M Roberts Elementary school in Lake Jackson. At age eleven she had became a star.
Selena ran away at age 21 and got married to Chris Perez. She ran away to get married to Chris Perez because her father didn’t want her marrying him. Selena got married in Corpus Christi.

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Silly Willy

A poem by Joshua Curtiss, Perkins 5th grader

Silly Willy
Silly Willy is so skilly,
He’s so skilly that he gets me chilly,
Willy’s chellow is so mellow it’s
so mellow that it might turn yellow,
sore, core, trees galore DJ’s dance
on the dance floor
Jack, Nack, No Tic-Tac, just don’t
don’t squat you’ll break your back,
Look, Brooke on a log, on a log
like a frog, on the log like a frong
in the frog, Silly Willy is not silly
just his name is very nifty.

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