Who We Are
The Paraclete Academy is an after-school educational enrichment program for disadvantaged, urban youth. We began in 1997 and have served 995 students from 715 households—almost a third of South Boston’s families.

We focus on the critical learning years from 4th grade to 6th grade, providing accelerated reading programs, programs in math and science, and many other project-based activities throughout the year. We prepare our students for the best schools in Boston while ensuring that they and their families are able to navigate the complexities of the Boston educational system. We assist them with admittance to the middle schools and high schools of their choice.

Our students represent a diverse ethnic, racial and economic group. This year we have students from 10 different countries representing seven different languages. We promote an education of excellence that cultivates both mind and spirit. We do this because we believe that education is the foundation not only for individual success, but also for a peaceful and just society.

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