Paul McDevitt Bio

Paul McDevitt believes that, since we go through life only once, we should do all we can to follow the advice of Jesus to love ourselves and others and our Creator. To advance this philosophy, he steps beyond the services offered by Modern Assistance Programs, Inc. to deeply engage with a troubled world.

For more than four decades, he has worked in soup kitchens, visited the imprisoned, worked for criminal justice reform, and supported immigration projects. He has helped guide and sustain food banks, substance abuse recovery homes, inner city youth projects, education enrichment programs and homeless shelters. He has been a valued voice of wisdom for many Boston-area nonprofit organizations.

Still, despite his many leadership responsibilities, Paul has never declined to assist the many individuals who seek his guidance.

Paul is a graduate of Boston College High School and Boston College. He holds a master’s degree in education from University of Massachusetts Boston.

A Dorchester native, Paul and his wife Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump live in South Boston and the Western Massachusetts town of Housatonic.

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