Two Questions

There are two questions that often come up when talking about the Paraclete Foundation:  What does the word “paraclete” mean and how did you end up in Rwanda?   The two are actually related.

The  answer to the first question is that the word paraclete comes from the Greek word, paracletos, which means literally “to be called along side of one in need.” In Christian scriptures it was used by John as a name for the Holy Spirit.

As to the second question, our involvement in Rwanda begain in  2000, when we invited delegates from an international Harvard colloquiem, Women Waging Peace, to dine with us at the Paraclete. A respected woman leader from Rwanda saw what we were doing in education and asked for our help with education in her country. So, true to our name, we ended up in Rwanda because we were “called along side of one in need”  


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